Dan Blackwood

Greetings, all!

We hope you’ll join us for Goddard Space Flight Center’s annual Safety Awareness Campaign from May 16 – 18, 2023

This year’s theme – “Safety is Universal” – will focus on prioritizing safety whether you are working in the office, in manufacturing or testing facilities, or at home. Our theme was inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope. Just as JWST is exploring and teaching us more about the universe than ever before, we believe that safety is universal; we can continue to explore and learn from each other to make Goddard, and NASA as a whole, as safe as possible. 
We’ll have a wide variety of hybrid events during the week, including trainings, speaker sessions, and engaging activities.

We are very excited to have Associate Administrator Bob Cabana joining us as the keynote speaker. He will share how his perspective on safety in his current role has been affected by his experience as a test pilot, astronaut, Chief of the Astronaut Office, Director of the Flight Crew Operations Directorate, and KSC Center Director.

Please use this website as a resource, checking out the agenda, meeting information, and speaker bios.

I am honored to present Goddard’s Safety Awareness Campaign this year. Many thanks to the planning team, who this would not be possible without. We hope you take the time to participate and enjoy the week!

Thank you, 
Dan Blackwood
Chair, 2023 Safety Awareness Campaign