The Mission Support Division works with GSFC managed flight projects to enable early integration and life cycle implementation of system safety, reliability, quality, and mission assurance. The goal of the Division is to ensure that GSFC projects safely achieve the highest probability of mission success within the guidelines and constraints of the mission.

The Mission Support Division carries out its function based on policy guidelines set by NASA Headquarters, as well as programmatic guidelines set by NASA Headquarters Mission Directorates and the GSFC Center Director. The Division provides expert technical support and other resources to the project teams through its organizations:
   •  Software Assurance Office (320.1)
   •  System Safety Branch (Code 321)
   •  Reliability & Risk Analysis Branch (Code 322)
   •  Mission Assurance Branch (Code 323)

Mission Assurance Requirements (MAR) for Flight Systems – Code 320 maintains a configuration controlled baseline of mission assurance requirements for use in contracts related to GSFC managed projects. The baseline meets the requirements of a Class B out-of-house mission and the document contains tailoring guidelines for modifications that meet Class A, C, and D missions. The document, 320-MAR-1001, is available at